Beijing 17.9 - 12.11.2008

Once more, the chief instructor of A.S.K., Dimitris Doukas, and his student, Giorgos Divanis, visited China, where they stayed for two months, to train and to take part in the 3rd World Championship of Traditional Wushu. Sifu Niu Sheng Xian, master of Nei Jia - Xing Yi, Bagua, Taiji, Wudang Gien - and of Taoist meditation of the Dragon Lineage (Lung Men Pai), by whom they were taught Xing Yi during their previous visit, postponed his travel to South China and stayed in Beijing in order to teach them.
Master Niu appreciated the fact that the two students came from a remote country, showing sincere interest in the Chinese culture and martial arts, and dedicated all his time to their training. This time, the training included repetition, thorough examination and continuation of the Xing Yi and Taiji curriculum, while he made an introduction to Bagua, Taoist Qigong and meditation.
The day began with Xing Yi training, from 10 to 12. Then, there was a two-hour break for lunch, theory and history of the internal arts. From 2 to 4, the training was dedicated to Bagua, Taiji and Pushing Hands.
However, the day didn’t end there. During his previous visit in Beijing, Dimitris Doukas had met the Master of Xing Yi and Bagua, and very skilled fighter, Zhang Wei Dong. This time, he taught them the 64 hands if Bagua.
At the school of Master Zhang, they met the Master of Shuai Jiao -Chinese wrestling- Liu Zu Guang. From 5 to 8 in the evening, they continued their practice -first in Bagua and then in Chinese wrestling.
In Chinese Martial Arts, the training is correct when it includes 4 elements:Ti, Da, Shuai, Na. meaning hand techniques and strikes, feet techniques and combinations, wrestling techniques and locking techniques. It is very hard to understand the depth and the wealth of the Chinese Martial Arts without being in contact with real Masters and without following them in their everyday training in their natural environment. Dimitris Doukas and Giorgos Divanis returned from China leaving many friends behind, and full of experiences, inspiration and achievements in the World Championship.

The most important of all is that they took the blessing of Master Niu Sheng Xian to teach his Kung Fu in Greece.