China 2006, 6th International Tournament in Qingdao,

From the 18th to 21st of August, the 6th international tournament of Chinese traditional martial arts took place in Qingdao, a beautiful Chinese city next to the sea.This tournament is being held every second year with the participation of numerous athletes from all over the world.
This year, «A.C Kerameikos» participated in this highly important tournament, after Grandmaster’s Lily Lau personal invitation.
The trainer of «A.C Kerameikos», Sifu Dimitris Doukas and his students Papachristos Christos and Divanis Giorgos successfully represented «A.C Kerameikos» and the Hellenic Wushu Kung fu Federation.

On the first day of the tournament, several demonstrations took place by famous teachers from all over the world. Among them, D. Duke and C. Papachristos impressed the audience by presenting the 108 Chi Na techniques. Very impressive demonstrations were also made by Grandmaster John Leong, who demonstrated the Hung Gar, Master Tony Yang with his magnificent Ba Tzi techniques, Master Song Chang Ji with Praying Mantis, Master Nikon Ma with Pickua techniques, Master Tsan Si Yi with Eagle Claw and many others.
In the contest that followed the next day, the team of A.C. Kerameikos excelled, taking the following positions: Dimitris Doukas, two 1st places; Christos Papachristos two 1st and one 2nd place; George Divanis, one 1st and one 3rdplace. Overall, the level was quite high, with many athletes and a variety of traditional styles.
The province of Shandong, where Qingdao is located, is famous throughout China for the Praying Mantis style that is exerted there. Naturally, it was this style that dominated the games, with foreign and local athletes, competing in Tan Lang techniques.

After the end of the games, we had the opportunity to learn, under the guidance of Master Song Chang Ji, the famous Da Mo Tang Lang Jien: a two-hand straight sword Taolu, whose techniques are characteristic of this style.

Our participation in this tournament was also significant because of the very good contact developed between our instructor Doukas Dimitris - as a member of the Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation Technical Committee - and key Wushu teachers and athletes of the Shandong province.