Seminar Shuai Jiao 2017

Shuai Jiao, or “Chinese Wrestling” as it translates to in English, is the oldest known martial art in China and is thought by many to be the source of all Chinese Kung Fu. Although the history of Shuai Jiao stretches back thousands of years, Shuai Jiao as we know it today began to take shape during the Qing Dynasty, thanks to the patronage of the imperial court.
Shuai Jiao is a stand up throwing art where competitors use trips, sweeps, throws and takedowns to put their opponent on the ground while maintaining a standing position.
It is a very sophisticated art composed of numerous techniques and specialized training methods. While a very challenging and physically demanding art to learn, it is incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. Because of its emphasis on clean throws and maintaining a standing position it is a very safe art to practice when compared to other throwing or wrestling styles and within China wrestlers often continue to train and wrestle well into their 50’s and sometimes even their 60’s.
The Beijing style of Shuai Jiao is known for its efficient training methods, sophistication of techniques and advanced grip fighting and hand skills. Historically, Beijing was the center of Chinese wrestling thanks to patronage by Qing Dynasty emperors.

Practicing Shuai Jiao greatly increases your physical fitness and also gives people the opportunity to compete in a safe and challenging environment.

Dimitris Doukas is a Senior Instructor under Liu Zu Guang for the Guang Wu Shuai Jiao Association and representative for Europe.
Guang Wu Shuai Jiao is an international association based in Beijing and has performed trainings and workshops worldwide.

contact: 6945 41 8984

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